Sword Coast Adventures

Goblin Arrows

After a half day of travel our adventures came upon a small stone bridge crossing a shallow stream. As Lucian drove the wagon over the bridge they could see two dead horses on the trail ahead. Each horse was peppered with crude arrows with black fletching. Brick and Lyle slowly started to make their way up the trail as Lucian backed the wagon up. From his perch on top of the wagon Lucian was able to catch a glimpse of an arrow tip coming from the bushes on left side of the road. He yelled out to warn his companions but it was too late. Four goblins sprung their trap and attacked from bushes on either side of the trail.
Bricks mighty great sword was able to cleave one goblin in two as Val set a second one on fire.
The last goblin quickly turned and ran as his comrade fell beside him. Lucian and Brick were quick to chase as Lyle decided to climb a tree. With the added height Lyle threw his dagger and was able to knock the goblin unconscious to the ground. Lucian ran to the fallen goblin and see it still alive quickly dispatched it with his blade.
The adventures searched the ambush site. They found a map case they saw Gundren with at the tavern and a small pouch of gold with the letters G and R on it.

The Beginning
It all starts with the first step… err wagon ride

Our adventurers have come to the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter after responding to a post about a job. The post was made by Gundren Rockseeker and promised an opportunity of a life time. They were instructed to drive a wagon load of supplies to the small village of Phandalin. After a quick discussion Gundren and his associate Sildar Hallwinter left on horseback to head to Phandalin.

It stared with a post

Citizens of the Sword Coast!

Gundren Rockseeker here – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. You represent the beginning of a grand adventure. I need hardy, skilled, profit-led and competitively-priced individuals to join me in Phandalin where my brothers Tharden, Nundro and I have stumbled across something big…definitely. We are so confident in this opportunity that I am willing pay the grand sum of 10 gold dragons to any who help bring supplies from Neverwinter safely to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.

To those who are willing I invite you to meet me in the Driftwood Tavern for the opportunity of a lifetime on Tarsakh 7. For one day you’ll be saying, "Poverty? What’s a poverty? And then you can thank me, Gurden Rockseeker, for bring the generous and humble employer you will have undoubtedly grown to love!

G.R – EE (Entrepreneur Extraordinaire),


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